Benefits of Joining MAPMA

MAPMA Information

Access to MAPMA information resource centre.


Mentoring Programs

Participation in mentoring program for developing project managers


Keep Up to Date

Kept up to date with the latest developments in Project Management, and network with PMs from across the country.


Certification Programs

Recognition as registered project manager through the competency based and fully assessed certification program.


Event Invitation

Invitation to attend MAPMA organized seminars, conference, etc.


Online Discussion

Online discussions between member and subject matter experts to facilitate the sharing of information, ideas and experiences.



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Every applicant whose application has been approved shall, upon payment of the prescribed entrance fee and subscription, be admitted as a member of the Association for specific periods. The person appointed must give his consent in writing on the appointment.

To join MAPMA, you simply need to complete a membership application form and send in your payment. Under the rule, you shalI be proposed and seconded in the prescribed forms from personel knowledge by one (1) Fellow or two (2) Ceritified Members and Association.

The proposal form duly filled shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Association along with photocopies of the certificates supporting the qualifications. All applications shall be remitted along with cash or cheque or demand draft in line with the membership Rules. For student membership, application must be verified by the Dean or Head of Department of the recognized institution.

Your fees are split into two; a one off joining (registration) fee and your annual subscription. You can pay your membership subscription by cheque, money order, postal order or local order. We are unable to accept cash payments or BACS transfers.

When your membership is due for renewal we will send you a reminder. To renew your membership, simply complete the enclosed renewals form and send it back with the correct payment.

Your membership is very important to us and we would be sorry to lose you. Please take a moment to consider the benefits that membership of a professional organisation brings you. Click here to refresh your memory.

If you are certain that you do not want to renew, please let us know why, so that we can take your reasons into account when planning improvements to future membership benefits. You can contact our secretariat MAPMA by email to or fax to no. : 03-2697 7323

If you wish to upgrade your membership from student to associate, or from associate to full member, you will need to complete an individual member application form and select the ‘Upgrade’ option. Once completed please send this to MAPMA for assessment by the MAPMA membership panel.

To upgrade your membership during the year an upgrade administration charge will be levied (waived for employees of corporate members), but your subscription payment will remain unchanged until your annual renewal date.

Associate members will receive their welcome packs and membership cards within 28 days. Full and fellow membership applications are reviewed by our membership panel and may take longer. Please contact our secretariat services if you want further information about your application.


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